Paper research on HARRY POTTER (1)


           Harry Potter, a wizard schoolboy playing the role of principal hero in series of seven fiction novels titled by his name. His adventurous and fantastical stories written by J. K. Rowling, a British female writer, became extremely popular in the homeland United Kingdom and the second house United States. Its popularity is so extended that it can turn to be a worldwide popular culture. In spite of the success of the trend, the charismatic wizard boy somehow has less impacts in Far Eastern countries such as Vietnam. Living in the most modern metropolis of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, I witnessed and joined in the Harry Potter’s fever lasting within couple of years after the first book released until. Thousands of young readers read, ate and slept with the books. They sought the new chapters in the fan pages, waited for publishing of successor books, and watched the movies. Some played mini games and quizzes. Yet their interests stopped at these activities as the phenomenon was altered by variety of similar fiction books. For this situation, when I came to the U.S., I was surprised since I came across several reference books analyzing Harry Potter’s books, bookstores selling Harry Potter’s merchandises, people playing Harry Potter’s games, people auctioning Harry Potter’s books, and people going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios. Therefore, I came up with an idea that the phenomenon of Harry Potter would last overs decades. I purposely read few reference books scrutinizing the stories, the characters, and the author, and searched for articles and reports composed by various experts in literature, business and entertainment criticisms to substantial my topic. Inadvertently, not only did I find out evidences supporting my opinion but also I unexpectedly discover one interesting thing which is the “Pottermania” affected the presidential election at the time of Mr. Obama, the current first American black president. Enthusiastic peer pressure, rational adults and calculated entrepreneurs constitute the reasons for which the mania would be persistent over times. By doing this paper, I would like to reintroduce Harry Potter to people only reading the books for satisfying curiosity and amusing by themselves. They ought to know that the books encompass explicit and implicit themes and meaningful lessons concerning to social life.


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