A plane linking our destinies


Together with Saja (ESL classmate), from Mecca-Saudi Arabia, we made a pop-up craft. Why did we, actually it was me, choose this design of a plan flying beneath white clouds of blue sky? It’s the easiest template in the instruction book. YES, BUT, another reason is I suddenly recalled my Indian friend, Suvo, who just joined the program of fly attendant training program, AND a thinking of the meaning of the plane as a means connecting people, here is I from Vietnam and Saja from Saudi Arabia. We flew from our hometowns and met here in the U.S. It’s destiny!


I appreciated Saja for letting me know the holy Zamzam water which she brought from Mecca her hometown. Mecca is the holy destination of the Muslim and the Zamzam water is the Holy Water. I’m so blessed to taste this legend water. Just thinking that billions of people have drunk it from thousand years makes me feel extraordinarily blessed. I don’t know how to express in English words the exact feeling. It’s my honor.


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