The Siege of Jadotville (2016 Netflix movies)

Movies based on true stories are incredibly interesting. I like watching this kind of movie, yet rarely do I chose ones related to dramatic and critical topics including war and civil right because I cannot stand bloody, violent and sorrow scenes. However, I always try to fully watch whenever I come across them.


This time is “The Siege of Jadotville”, a Netflix product. To know more about the historical background of the movie, this official website would be helpful: It was an Irish troop of soldiers assigned in a mission in Jadotville (current is Likasi). They were besieged, outnumbered, and attacked by the Kantagese Gendarmeries. I would not like to concentrate in the combat but the people. These Irish soldiers were brave and persistent, especially their commander who was a true leader as he put his man in priority and earned his pride of an scrupulous characteristics.


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