Kindness and help


I could say that I have been lucky since I came to this land of freedom and democracy. Once I was asked if I had ever been run into something bad or met someone who were considered bad people and I replied “I haven’t” and this luck has still remained until today. In retrospect, I might involved in unfavorable situations, yet the occurrence of good things outnumber so I have been safe and protected. Besides, luckily I experienced things which I had been known about people help other people through books and movies.usafill

First one happened in my first trip in Florida when I took the transit bus from Miami to Orlando. Travelling alone in low budget is somehow adventurous for a girl who has been living in Humble, Texas for 8 months, especially she completely depended on Google Map which she found incredibly amazing navigator tool. Unfortunately, the “wise” Google Map provided wrong location so it almost drove me in despair. The is an old saying meaning a miracle would be found in luckless circumstances. And so it came to me. I was given a hand by people I didn’t know, even we couldn’t verbally communicate (the one helped me was a Mexican who only speaks Spanish-I guess he is Mexican). It is so astonishing and blessing.

The second time has just happened this morning. I had closed the door without carrying out the key so I couldn’t open thereafter. My friend and I were struggle as we couldn’t break in, unless I had to drive back to my house (23 miles away) for the spare key. A man seeing our trouble came and kindly helpe
d. I was absolutely appreciated.

Another blessing things have been coming to me is meeting and knowing wonderful people including friends, teachers, classmates, and acquaintances. They have supported my studying English, my experiencing American life, and my contacting other cultures. I have been cheerful and nicely treated.

So far I would engage in new adventures and get numerous kindness from other people. I would like to give my appreciation to my parents in Vietnam, in my beautiful Ho Chi Minh city as they are the one who gave my opportunity to get these things.



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