Paper research: The phenomenon of Harry Potter (3)


First of all, the story of Harry Potter and its aftereffects still catch the attention of numerous readers. The latest book related to Harry Potter “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, breaking the record of best-selling book of the giant online retailer Amazon, is a British original play-script. According to Adison Flood in, the British publisher Little, Brown estimated that the book would be “the fastest-selling plays-script ever, and the fastest-selling book published this decade” since more than 680,000 print copies were sold out in the country in the first three releasing days. Meanwhile, more than 2 million copies were purchased in the first 48 hours in the U.S., thus its publisher Scholastic asserted that it was “unprecedented for a script book.” Although the series of main story ended nearly a decade ago, and the new book is not a proper sequel of the hero’s adventure, its impact has consistently lingered until present. Moreover, staging new adventure of Harry Potter after a pause during nearly ten years proves that the wizard schoolboy has inspired the world of arts. An article in announced that the play got the honor prize of the best play at Evening Standard Theatre Awards. A general article of reported that the producers and the directors of the play extended the performance until 2018 and released 60,000 tickets to satisfy the demands. In addition, Cariad Martin of said that the book would continuously take readers’ admiration because of ten reasons which are: the famous wizard school Hogwarts, where most of the situations and events happening within the story, the male and female heroic images of Harry Potter and his two best companions Ron and Hermione, the imagination patterns in the plots, the enchantment of magical world, the everlastingness in the setting, the robustness of female characters, the art of setting dramatic situations, the interesting background of the story, the traditional theme of the combat between good and evil, and the undiscovered things around the story. An imaginary and mystical world in which the characters possess charismatic and ideal aspects always captivates the readers’ regard at any generations. Nevertheless, some claim that new generations would altered their interests since adventurous fiction novels are flourishing and able to win over Harry Potter’ popularity. They could be reasonable because nowadays readers have a variety of options in choosing books matching their hobbies but Harry Potter is still in the upper hand due to its huge number of global followers. In, Jennifer Polland reported in “The 10 Most Read Books In The World [Infographic]” (in 2012) that Harry Potter was in the third place of the top 10 most popular books in 50 years as 400 million copies were sold. A recent article “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Has Already Sold 3.3 Million Copies” of J. Clara Chan from stated that the American publisher Scholastic revealed that more than 160 million copies were sold in the U.S. and 450 million in other countries all around the world. This means that around one third of the American population and nearly half of billion international readers know, recognize, and like the books. These people would be efficient announcers to advertise the books so the tendency would be persistent.


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