Beauty and the Beast – Back to childhood

C’est magnifique! Quel film! La Belle et La Bête!


Finally I watched the movie. Just right this morning, on the April 2nd, in AMC24 Deerbrook Mall, the closest movie theater to my residence. It could have been better if I had bought a 3D ticket because of fabulously incredible scenes, effects and setting. The movie is quite over my expectation since I firstly watched its trailer several months ago. In spite of the fact that Belle’s yellow ball gown in the animation was under my admiration, I was definitely astonished by seeing the delicateness design of real dress. Dancing scene consistently amazes me. Although I truly dislike Gastron’s plots so much that I often passed them whenever I watched the animation, in the movie, I was almost annoyed that I begged everything could happen more slowly enough for me to contemplate thoroughly.


My brain was overloaded as I tried to engrave every single plot, character, scene, dialogue, sound, song, and even animal. I was enormously moved. I believe that my impression for this live version is the same one I got when I was a teenage girl staring at the animation version. Among theme songs of Disney movies, “Beauty and the Beast” is always my most favorite as I can sing along only this.

I has been growing up with Disney movies owing to my mother who was an English teacher. I can tell that the movie reflects and respects exact the animation version so I like this the most compare to the other such ass The Snow White, The Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Actually, I like conventional, original and classical patterns such as the costumes, the plots, the musics, and so forth. These affects guided me to a magical but lively dream. I watched a French version in 2014. It was different to this latest version as they didn’t keep much of the original plot of the animated version. Despite its ostentatious costumes and design, I don’t like that much.

I am appreciated and feeling blessed that I was luckily born in a happy family where I am getting blissful things.

P/S: I am thinking of go for a second time to the 3D version.



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